That's no joke! We've got lots and lots of kittens! And some very beautiful ones at that. Well, honestly, I've never seen a kitten who isn't beautiful.

Currently, we have Minnow and her 5 kittens. I'm calling them the Outies, though they're all safe indoors now.  They're about 6 weeks old now. They've had their struggles - coming in from a back yard, but they are thriving and playing and loving. We have a few longhairs - one orange & white, one black & white & one gray, plus a couple of tabbies - one gray and one orange. And mommie Minnow! She is the most remarkable stray ever!
Besides being a gorgeous dilute torbie - tortoiseshell tabby, and white, she's so very sweet and trusting. What a catch she will be for some happy family.

Next, we have her indoor counterpart, Tobie and her 6 kittens. Of course, this family would be the Innies. HA! Again, a stunningly beautiful litter of kittens with a sweet gentle mommy. This litter is a 5 weeks old now and includes a Snowshoe, a Flame Point, 2 calicos, an orange & white and a buff tabby.

And then there are the Far Outies - a couple of kittens who came from the Lancaster area and were dropped off by our friend who lives out there. These are about 7 weeks old and are so sweet, it's hard to resist hanging out with them all of the time. Another Snowshoe and a gray & white.

Which leads us to Eauneau - i.e., Oh, no! She's a delicate little Russian Blue who started out as feral, but has turned into a sweet little lover.

And finally, we have O Henry - a handsome little light gray tabby with eyes that will melt your heart. He started out as Henry, but everytime we look at him, we have to say O Henry because he is just toooooooo cute.

Not enough for you? Then there are the older kittens who are actually up for adoption and ready to go. They're Blossom's remaining two garden kittens, Broccoli and Rosemary - a beautiful classic brown tabby and a very pretty tortie tuxedo.

Get ready! The little ones should be ready to come out to adoptions around the end of June. We'll get some pictures up here soon.

Every year, new kittens are born during the months of March - June. It's kitten season once again. What? You didn't know we had a season for kittens? We most definitely do.  This is the time when it seems everyone is looking to home kittens that have been found at workplaces or in yards, "accidents" by a neighborhood cat who was spayed too late. Rescues are inundated at this time, and it is at this time that we are in the greatest  need of fosters.  What does it take to be a foster? It depends on who you foster. Sometimes our kittens are "bottle-babies" -- their mom was lost but they still need to nurse. These are a tough but rewarding kitten to foster.  We also need fosters for older kittens - spunky and playful, they are ready to go for adoptions. And of course, the older (1 year or older), who don't get as much attention during kitten season, are always looking for a friendly lap to lie on.  If you'd like to foster a cat or kittens during this very busy kitten season, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you. Fosters receive training, advice and support, and many of our fosters tell us it's an incredibly rewarding experience. Email us at lbfelines@yahoo.com.